About Us


Royal Highgate Public Company Limited (the "Company") was formed in Cyprus on November 1st 1993 as a private company of limited liability. On July 17th 2001 the company titles were introduced for negotiation in the Cypriot Stock Exchange.  On July 20th 2001 the Company made a proposal for the buy off of Highgate Leisure Holdings Ltd which was accepted on August 25th 2001. On September 4th 2001, the Company was renamed Royal Highgate Ltd and on April 19th 2005 following an application to the department of registrar of companies and official receiver which was approved, the name was changed to Royal Highgate Public Company Limited.


The Company's main activity involves tasks for the collection of bets. During 2012 the Company's Board of Directors decided on the restructuring of the Royal Highgate Public Company Limited Group and as a result the operations of the dependent companies were transferred to the parent company Royal Highgate Public Company Limited as of January 1st 2013.